Backpacking Rome

The city of Rome in Italy was the seat of the all conquering Roman Empire. Romans conquered vast areas and in doing so exposed themselves to many traditions and cultures which largely influence the city of Rome. Rome is a beautiful historical city that has an immense collection of historical buildings, monuments, statues, museums, and archeological sites. The city a major centre of Archeological research and host important cultural and research institutes. The collection of art, sculptures, fountains, mosaics, and paintings from all different historic periods all point to the rich history of this city. Rome is also known for its cuisine which is highly influenced by the many cultures encountered by the conquering Romans. It is not surprising that Rome is a major tourist destination. Backpacking Rome would surely be an adventure worth having.

Backpacking Rome avails you the opportunity to sample not only the history of Rome but also the modern parts of the city. Being a city in the European Union, you are able to visit Rome without a visa while the Euro can be used as currency. Regular flights into Rome are readily available and accommodation is available to suit any budget.

Rome is safe health wise and you don't need to get any immunizations. Travel health insurance would be advisable for unexpected health issues. The medical staff is well trained while hospitals usually have a number of English speaking doctors on hand to assist.

Some of the places that you must see while in Rome include, The Colleseum; The Roman Forum which has many historical structures like the Arch of Constatine, the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn, the Basilica Aemilia and the Mamertine Prison; the Trevi Fountain, the world famous Sistine Chapel; St Peter's Basilica which is considered the most holy of catholic sites.