Backpacking Sydney

Backpacking Sydney style is an exhilarating experience. Its beautiful reserves and sanctuaries, give a feel of living the native-Australian-life.

Grampians National Park is ideal for hiking, abseiling, picnics or just relaxing while meeting kangaroos, koalas and laughing kookaburras face-to-face. Visit Bondi Beach, with its warm waters and clean, sandy beaches, and enjoy scuba diving, the open-air marketplaces, restaurants, and cafes.

While backpacking in Sydney can be tranquil, backpacking Paris style is more of a multicultural experience with its unique communities and architectures. Seine River runs through Paris. Its boat tours provide unique views of many of Paris' most famous sites. Notre Dame is the religious center of Paris. UK natives find spiritually enlightenment in visiting the sacred grounds of The Celts, Roman worship temple, Christian basilica and Romanesque church.

Just as backpacking in Sydney can be exhilarating, backpacking Rome style is a historical experience. UK natives explore Colchester, the oldest recorded Roman town in the UK. Trajan's Column features illustrations from battles between Rome and Dacia around 100 AD. Standing at 100 feet tall, native Romans take pride in this monumental structure. The Piazza Navona is famous for its fabulous fountains such as Domitian's Stadium, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Neptune Fountain & Moor Fountain and Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone, which holds "miraculous" history.

Backpacking Melbourne style is known for its entertaining nightlife like backpacking Sydney style is known for its sanctuaries. The Yarra Valley wine route allows backpackers to sample Australia's finest wines. Home of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Australia's events and festivals capital, it is a constant attraction for natives. Great Ocean Road follows the coastline of Victoria's south-west. It is home to The Twelve Apostles giant rock stacks, Geelong Waterfront and Maritime History.