Backpackers Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may seem like one of those utterly boring necessities that you try and avoid but we know firsthand how important it can be. Losing your belongings or having them stolen is probably the most popular reason to purchase backpackers travel insurance and this is something to be very aware of when staying in hostels and campsites. Although fellow backpackers may seem friendly always keep your important documents safely hidden away and use a lock on tents if possible.

Medical expenses can also be another good reason to consider travel insurance, if you're the adventurous type then the risk of breaking bones and picking up other injuries becomes greater. Although your e111 European medical card entitles you to medical assistance, large amounts of work can leave you with a hefty bill if uninsured.

Most backpacking travel insurance includes the following types of cover:

  • Medical Expenses cover between £5 - £10 million pounds
  • Baggage theft and loss cover between up to £2000
  • Cover of cash theft up to £100
  • Cover on replacing important documents up to £500 (important)
  • Accidental injury cover up to £25,000
  • Travel delay insurance of up to £100 if held to wait longer than 12 hours

We really do recommend that any backpackers take out travel insurance before setting off, usually the insurance will last up to a year (or 365 days) and cover most of the world. It is worth checking however that some areas are covered as sometimes parts of Asia will not be included.

Here are some of the companies we have used in the past which we recommend:




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